Mains or private water supply

near or far we've got you covered

Whether you live in the city on mains water or in the countryside with your own bore or well, EcoCeram has a filtration system for you and your family.

Healthy, clean, delicious water

From every tap in your home. Our high-performance water filtration system reduces the amount of chlorine, micro plastics and other harmful contaminants commonly found in your tap water.

Clean water is essential for life

Without water, life as we know it could not exist

It is the first thing we search for on planets that we explore. The amount of fresh water on Earth is limited with only 3% of the Earth's water being fresh non-salt water. Drinking water quality has been under fire for many years and we as the consumer need to be more knowledgeable and take matters into our own hands.

Awaken your taste buds

remove contaminants from your food

Top chefs all use filtered water in their restaurants to clean and remove pesticides from their food. The food tastes better, enjoy the difference cooking with clean water makes! Your food will have stronger and richer flavours.

fresher, softer,

more hydrated water

Are you aware when we shower, more water enters our bodies through our skin then we drink during the day. Bathing with water that is chlorine and contaminant free make you feel healthy and refreshed all over!

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EcoCeram Water Filtration Systems

Our mission is to help you & your family enjoy cleaner, safer,
better tasting water in an environmentally friendly way


In many parts of the UK the water is hard, causing pipes and heating boilers to block up with limescale which can also harbour bacteria. Until now water softeners require salt to function which is harmful to the environment. Our system requires no salts, chemicals or power.


There are also many organics in our water inc Virus and Bacteria. These organics can cause many serious diseases, like diarrhoea, respiratory tract infection, organ failure, etc. Lead can cause many serious health problems, like anaemia, irritability, miscarriages, and nerve damage.


By installing one of our systems in your home, you avoid the need to buy plastic bottled water. Over 2 billion plastic water bottles are disposed of every week, many of these bottles find their way into landfill, Countryside and the ocean.

Imagine a water supply to your home that is free From virtually every water impurity there is?

We live in a polluted world more than ever before, filled with contaminants and toxins that enter our water source. Water contamination is widespread and can have profound effects on our health and wellbeing. Industries use of man-made chemicals has become so extreme that we can now find traces of VOCs (Volatile organic chemicals), micro plastics and many other toxins in virtually every public water supply around the world and many of the toxins can cause terrible diseases. EcoCeram have produced a custom line of water filters and systems for your home and garden that will greatly reduce these heavy metal and chemical toxins and create a healthier,safer more natural water environment for you and your family.

Volatile Organic Chemicals

Endocrine Disruptors

Fracking & Petrochemicals

Fluoride & Arsenic

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Bacteria, Cysts & Viruses

Lead & Heavy Metals

Chlorine & Chloramine

Agricultural Chemicals