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AquaKlenze AICRO - Inline filter

AquaKlenze AICRO - Inline filter

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AquaKlenze AICRO inline water filter contain Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon and is ideal for removing Chlorine, bad odour and taste from drinking water, mostly used for RO systems in order to improve the taste and aroma of filtered water. It can also be installed in "SIDE-BY-SIDE" type refrigerators to reduce chlorine, organic substances and certain pesticides. Available with 1/4" NPT connection.

This inline filter is perfect for fridges, Drinks Machines, Ice Makers, Under Sink water filters etc.


6-12 months filter life

L - 10" x Dia. - 2"

1/4" FNPT Ports

Rated for flow rates to 0.75. GPM / 3 LPM

Capacity - 1,500 gallons / 6000 Litres

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