Drop in Water Filter Cartridges

Drop-In Water Filters

Drop-In Water Filters

Drop-in water filter cartridges are an Industry standard size and will fit all water filter housings of this size including LIFF, AquaKlenze Deluxe and Pentair to name a few.

Please make sure you choose your correct size for your housing.
SL10 (2.5" x 10")  BB10 (4.5" x 10") and BB20 (4.5" x 20")

Coconut Carbon Block with Silver Water Filter Cartridge

High quality Coconut carbon block mix with silver made of a mixture of NSF approved activa..


0.5 Micron Silverised Coconut Shell Carbon Block Cartridge for Bacteria,Cyst & Lead Reduction

0.5 Micron nominal filtrationSilver impregnatedChlorine, colour and odour reduction100% Coconut shel..


Fluoride, Heavy Metal & Chlorine Filter Cartridge

Fluoride, Heavy Metal, Chlorine Filter Cartridgefor the removal of Heavy metals, Fluoride, Arsenic, ..


Ultra Disruptor PAC + Nano Filter Cartridge

Nano Ultra FiltrationUnique water filtration technology Using unique, Disruptor™ filtration techn..


Chlorine and Limescale Reduction Water Filter Cartridge

Details The Scale Klenze CSR coconut carbon and softening resin water filter cartridge is designed ..


Limescale Softening Filter Cartridge

The Scale Klenze SRX water filter greatly removes scale and scum from water and also reduces the lev..


iXC Anti Scale Inhibitor & Chlorine Filter Cartridge

iXC Anti Scale Inhibitor & Chlorine Removal Filter CartridgeiXC Anti scale filter with Carbon an..


iXA Anti Scale Inhibitor Cartridge

iXA Anti Scale water filter SystemA special high-quality food and anti allergenic ion-exchange resi..


Iron, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Filter Cartridge

Description:FE-MiX Iron filter cartridge is filled with mixed bed filtration media to reduce the iro..


Iron, Manganese, Lead & Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Filter

Description:FE-SeD filter cartridge is made from a special ion-exchange coated 10 micron string yarn..


Phlocrite Plus Low pH Neutraliser Filter

Description  pHlocrite Plus (Formerly known as pHlocrite Grade B) is a natural, granular high m..


Fluoride, Arsenic and Heavy metals Removal Filter Cartridge

Fluoride, Arsenic and Heavy Metals filter CartridgeFLAR water filter cartridges are filled with..


Nitrates Removal Water Filter Cartridge

Nitrates Removal Water Filter CartridgeFor use in areas where nitrate in the drinking water proves p..


Vitality + Alkaline Mineral Water Filter Cartridge

  +VITALITY+ Volcanic Mineral Enhancement Water Filter Cartridge What is Naturally Healthy..


1 Micron Bacteriostatic Polypropylene Spun Sediment Cartridges

The most advanced antibacterial Melt Blown spun cartridge on the market.PS- Protect is currently the..


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